GemCity TECH - History - 2022 Lineup

In 2022, we added the Frameworks, Code For Dayton and Gem City ML / AI user groups to the family of user groups. Unfortunately, the Frameworks would drop off the roster in 2023.

The New to Web group migrated to New to Tech with it’s new leadership under Matt Alioto.

Our family of user groups (in order of monthly occurrence) for the 2022 season:

Logo User Group Organizer Meeting Time
Code for Dayton Code For Dayton A monthly user group meeting that follows the “hack night” format - a little discussion and show and tell up front, followed by an opportunity to break into groups to work on civic or community oriented projects. David Best 1st Tuesday @6pm.
New To Tech New to Tech - A public group that meets twice a month targeted at folks who are just starting to learn about software development, up through those already employed in the industry who are targeting their first promotion. Topics will be presented twice - on the 1st Tuesday of this month then again on the 3rd Tuesday of next month. Topics will be split between software development fundamentals & career guidance and there will be plenty of time for group discussion & live coding. Please bring your laptop! Matt Alioto 1st & 3rd Tuesdays @6pm
The Dayton Web Developers Dayton Web Developers - general topics around being a modern web developer Allen May 1st Wednesdays @6pm
Dynamic Languages Group Dayton Dynamic Languages - Casual discussions and demonstrations that lean towards Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Scheme, Lisp & Smalltalk Catherine Devlin 2nd Wednesdays @7pm
Dayton .Net Developers Dayton .NET Developers - Helping software developers, technical leads, and managers keep in touch with .NET-related technologies. Hanen Alkhafaji 2nd Thursdays @6pm
Gem City Game Developers Gem City Game Developers - Exploring all topics around gaming and the gaming industry. We explore design, art, programming, digital and non-digital game topics. Brian Turner 2nd Thursdays @5:30pm
Frameworks Frameworks A monthly meeting that explore a balance of both frontend web DESIGN topics & frontend web DEVELOPMENT topics. Allen May 3rd Wednesdays @6pm
Gem City ML / AI For professionals who are curious about machine learning and meeting with like minded professionals. Evelyn J. Boettcher 3rd Thursdays @6pm