GemCity TECH - History - 2021 Lineup

In 2021 we started GemCity TECH with a short list of user groups, mostly carried over from before the Covid pandemic.

Our family of user groups (in order of monthly occurrence) for the 2021 season:

User Group Organizer Meeting Time
Dayton Web Developers - general topics around being a modern web developer Allen May 1st Wednesdays @6pm
Dayton Dynamic Languages - Casual discussions and demonstrations that lean towards Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Scheme, Lisp & Smalltalk Catherine Devlin 2nd Wednesdays @7pm
Dayton .NET Developers - Helping software developers, technical leads, and managers keep in touch with .NET-related technologys. Hanen Alkhafaji 2nd Thursdays @6pm
Gem City Game Developers - Exploring all topics around gaming and the gamining industry. We explore design, art, programming, digital and non-digital game topics. Brian Turner 2nd Thursdays @5:30pm
New to The Web - Providing more entry level skill and career building training for those interested in the web or software development industry. Davis Sanders 3rd Tuesdays @6pm