Mission Brief

2. a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.

GemCity TECH’s mission is to grow the local industry and the community by providing a centralized destination for technical training, workshops and collaborating. We are the destination for those who are passionate about a wide range of technology topics and we provide a community space that encourages diversity, knowledge sharing, and collaboration through meetups, workshops, collaboration sessions and conferences.

Join us to nurture your passion for technology and be a part of shaping the future of the GemCity TECH community.

Save the Date

We are hosting a potluck Saturday, July 27th 2024 from 2pm till 7pm at Hills and Dales MetroPark. More information coming!

What changed in 2024?

  • The Dayton Web Developers users groups have joined to focus on the broader topics related to software engineering, application development, web development and mobile development.

    We will still meet on the same nights (the 1st Wednesday and the 2nd Thursday) but both we will not stay in the borders of web or .NET topics for either night.

    This new structure will be organized by Hanen Alkhafaji, James, Carr & Allen May

  • Cognitive Think Tank has joined the GemCity TECH family and will be meeting the 2nd Wednesday of the month online only. Welcome to the leadership team Layla Akilan & Damon Troncone.

Our family of user groups:

All user groups are free and open to the public.

Logo User Group Organizer Meeting Time
Code for Dayton Code For Dayton A monthly user group meeting that follows the “hack night” format - a little discussion and show and tell up front, followed by an opportunity to break into groups to work on civic or community oriented projects. David Best 1st Tuesday @6pm
Software Engineer Software Engineering (Formerly The Dayton Web Developers and .NET Developers user groups) - general topics around being a modern software, application, web or mobile developer Hanen Alkhafaji, James, Carr & Allen May 1st Wednesdays and 2nd Tuesdays @6pm
New To Tech New to Tech - A public group focused on folks who are just starting to learn about software development, up through those already employed in the industry who are targeting their first promotion. Topics will be split between software development fundamentals & career guidance and there will be plenty of time for group discussion & live coding. Please bring your laptop! Matt Alioto 1st Thursday @6pm
Cognitive Think Tank Cognitive Think Tank (VIRTUAL ONLY) - Our Mission is to get people thinking, share diverse perspectives, generate rich discussion in our community about the tools and techniques we are all using, and make connections with like minded professionals! (This group meets online) Layla Akilan & Damon Troncone 2nd Wednesdays @5pm
Dynamic Languages Group Dayton Dynamic Languages - Casual discussions and demonstrations that lean towards Ruby/Rails, Python/Django, Scheme, Lisp & Smalltalk Catherine Devlin 2nd Wednesday @7pm
Gem City Game Developers Gem City Game Developers - Exploring all topics around gaming and the gaming industry. We explore design, art, programming, digital and non-digital game topics. Brian Turner 2nd Thursdays @5:30pm
Gem City ML / AI For professionals who are curious about machine learning and meeting with like minded professionals. Evelyn Boettcher 3rd Thursdays @6pm

Meeting Location

Currently, all meetings are at the Innovation Hub at the Downtown Dayton Arcade Building.

The Innovation Hub

31 South Main Street Dayton, OH

Connect With Us

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